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They love us, they really love us!

See what some people have to say about our services, and why we’re so great.

They love us, they really love us!

See what some people have to say about our services, and why we’re so great.
  • At the end of 2012, I started looking for a new accountant, and man, am I glad I found Blaine! I need an accountant who can really help me grow my business and handle my tax burden in the smartest way possible. In our first meeting, Blaine spent tons of time finding out about my business and my goals, and he's been the only person to really explain to me why I should consider filing as one type of business entity over another. By the time I left his office, I had signed up for his monthly bookkeeping services and his tax services, and I am still very happy with my decision. Blaine even referred me to a great financial advisor who helped me get my retirement accounts in order and on the right track. Blaine is very professional, efficient, organized (I tried to talk him into coming to organize my office :-)), and friendly, and he's always there to answer my questions. I'm so grateful I found Blaine...I highly recommend him to any small business owner!!

    – Jennifer L.

  • My small physical therapy practice was in the "uncomfortable growth" phase, and I needed to find a CPA who could sit down and talk with me about the ins and outs of my business from a tax perspective so I could make confident decisions going forward. Blaine and Sean were those guys! They have a professional but comfortable style that makes it easy ask questions and get clear, no-fluff answers. They're also obsessively organized and very fair with their rates for the value they offer. Plus, you know your CPA is awesome when he's rockin' Toms while he's standing at the whiteboard talking you through tax returns on your first appointment!

    – Sarah K.

  • Blaine is part professor, part good neighbor, and all CPA. His approach to accounting is digestible and informative, and he's good at picking up on your habits and work style. His pricing is fair and flexible, and he's often willing to let you do some of your own work to save a buck and learn a thing or two. He's direct and to the point and has significantly reduced my tax liability, helped me grow my business, and wrangled my personal finances. You know a guy is serious about his CPA-ing when he keeps his own receipts in a waterproof pouch away from sunlight. Though with Blaine's personable demeanor, you'd hardly know there was a raging accountant in there dying to make sense of your spreadsheets.

    – Ramon M.

  • Blaine has been readily available for me and my wife on several occasions in regards to our small business. His no-nonsense approach, expertise, and ability to convey legal matters in a comfortable, understandable way is a real plus! I definitely would recommend him.

    – Kevin C.

  • During the summer of 2012, I decided to launch my own business. At that time, I remember hearing about Blaine and his services/expertise and wanted my finances done right. A call later, I was in Blaine's office and never looked back. Blaine is instrumental in helping my company stay organized and on track fiscally. I consider him an integral part of being able to grow my business the right way. Blaine is extremely knowledgeable, personable, and all around a pleasure to work with. If you want your accounting and tax planning done right, look no further.

    – Flint L.

  • Fantastic business-oriented accounting and tax preparation. Blaine picks up your records and provides a 30-minute consultation every month. Flat monthly fee, no hidden charges. Couldn't run my business without him.

    – Matt L.

  • This was our second tax year working with Blaine. I can't say enough great things about him and his professionalism. He helped my husband get his company on the right path. He explains things in a way that are easy for anyone to follow. He went above and beyond helping me learn to handle the books on my end. With all the things to worry about having a business, it is a huge relief to take such a huge one as taxes off the worry list.

    – Tina W.

  • Blaine helped me get my small company's finances in order. His expertise and dedication is unbeatable. He's professional, trustworthy, helpful, smart, efficient, and personable. I thank the Tax Gods I found him and HIGHLY recommend him!

    – Staci D.

  • Blaine is the kind of guy who is so smart you learn something just being near him, but who is just such a good guy you want to go out for a beer with him when your taxes are done. He is the Neil Degrasse Tyson of accounting.

    – Brendan P.

  • The best CPA in town! My company thrives because Blaine is great at what he does. He really knows the laws and cares about what he does. I highly recommend him!

    – Mandi G.

  • Blaine is a great CPA – very conscientious and thorough – as well as fast. He has a great personality and definitely knows his numbers. I have recommended him before and will continue to do so. You can't go wrong with him!

    – Christie S.

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